Sparkling butterfly pea tea

Sparkling Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly pea tea is probably the most magical tea. When I discovered it some years back, I had no idea it grew in Ghana. I checked online to find places where I could buy the seeds to grow at home. That did not happen because it was too expensive. However, months later I found a shop that sold the seedlings. Today my butterfly pea plant is growing, still pretty much a baby as I have seen how big the tree can get and I am struggling to even keep it erect because the branches grab on to anything its way and it starts to creep.

The beautiful blue flowers just bring a different feel to my garden. It tastes subtly earthy and it is healthy. This recipe was a spur-of-the-moment thought. I was eager to create a pretty simple yet stunning and refreshing drink.

This drink was tasty, refreshing and pretty.


  1. Butterfly pea flowers (Fresh/Dry)
  2. Sweetener (Honey/Sugar)
  3. Soda Drink/Soda Water/Sparkling Water
  4. Water
  5. Ice

Measurements (To make 300ml)

  1. Butterfly pea Flowers
    • Fresh – 4g
    • Dried – 2g (Available in store, click here to purchase)
  2. Sweetener – Amount is based on preference
  3. Soda Drink/Soda Water/ Sparkling Water – 150ml
  4. Water – 250ml
  5. Ice – Amount is based on preference


  1. In a sauce pan, add water and butterfly pea flowers and allow to boil for 5 minutes.
  2. Add sweetener while still hot to allow it to dissolve
  3. Strain and allow to cool

To serve,

  1. Add sweetened butterfly pea tea in a cup
  2. Add Ice
  3. Add Soda Drink
  4. Stir gently and Enjoy
Sparkling butterfly pea tea

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To watch how this drink was served, click this link

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